Mercurial Rising

On a regular schedule the Great Modron March spills out of Mechanus and the clockwork automatons file their way around the Great Ring. No one knows why they do it, but everyone gets out of their way – because when the Modron’s march they’ll walk right over a berk who doesn’t know enough to move aside. But the March has started decades before it was supposed to begin, and that’s even more of a mystery. Caught unprepared the planes shudder under the Modron’s collective footsteps, and even the Modrons seem a little out of sorts.

In conjunction with the March a number of strange things are happening. A strange ramshackle church has popped up in Sigil and though everyone remembers it always being there, no one ever seemed to care before now. Not to mention the factions are getting their knickers in a twist about these strange occurrences. How will be first to investigate – the Gods preserve us the Hardheads are already on the scene. And will the Modrons shift their direction like their schedule and march straight town? Is the church connected to the March, and if so how? What is the Lady likely to do about this – if anything at all?

Is the end times the Bleakers burble about? Whatever the cause, we definitely live in mercurial times…

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Mercurial Rising

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