Mercurial Rising

Into the Light

The old church had stood for longer than anyone could remember it was less a measure of time’s passing than of the fragility of mortal memory: truth was, no one could recall when it had actually been built. The old non-descript stone building had but one story, a sagging roof and a few dirty, soot-stained windows. It was the sort of place most folks just walked right by every day and never paid any heed – especially in the Cage, where far more interesting sights than the surrounding architecture constantly demand a body’s attention.

When some enterprising basher bought up the land around the area and proposed to knock down the church, no one protested. Most folks hadn’t even realized that it was there until the workmen came to knock it down. People paused for a moment to watch as burly men with hammers brought down the walls stone by stone, then shrugged and moved along. Perhaps they scowled at the noise, but they realized it wouldn’t take very long to demolish a building as small as the church. Maybe they even noticed that a dabus or two watched the destruction, but it wasn’t strange to see the dabus interested in something like that was it? All seemed normal until folks heard the chant spreading quickly through the Lower Ward: the workmen tearing down the old church had all disappeared.

Rumors began to spread quietly, but the floodgates opened with the factions got involved. The Harmonium, always alert to disruptions of community peace, send in a team of investigators to examine the area for clues and keep gawkers and addle-coves away. Shortly thereafter the Athar got involved, closing off the area, claiming it was a “religious hazard.” Tensions reached a boiling point when a group of Signers demanded entrance to the church.

In all the disturbance, no one ever bothered to ask who’s church was that anyway, or why are there no priests or adepts there any longer…


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